St Johns Catholic Primary School Auburn MusicSt John’s Catholic Primary School Auburn offers the Amadeus Music Education Program. This innovative program provides students with high quality music education including expert classroom music lessons, small group instrument tuition where children learn to play a string, woodwind or brass instrument and Ensemble Rehearsal where students play their instrument in a string ensemble, orchestra or concert band.

Decades of research shows that learning an instrument and playing in a musical ensemble strengthens neural pathways in the brain and can:

  • significantly improve student academic success in areas including language and mathematical development; and
  • significantly improve student engagement, short- and long-term memory, attention, self-discipline, and coordination.

The Amadeus Music Education Program offers:

  • Classroom music lessons led by a specialist music teacher (Kindergarten to Year 6);
  • Small group student instrumental tuition (Years 3-6); and
  • Student instrumental ensemble lessons (Years 3-6).
  • Students are provided with a classical musical instrument, starting with a string instrument in Year 3.